Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System is a modern network dedicated to keeping you safe

Attending DHS Science & Tech First Responder Resource Group, First Responder Tech meeting at RAND. R&D for first responders with great benefits to those we serve! #tech @mpLASD

Thank you @RadioResourceMG! LA-RICS is honored to receive this recognition.

LA-RICS has won the #MissionCritical Communications Magazine Industry Award for being the most innovative communications network during the past year in the #publicsafety #LTE category.

The LA-RICS team is testing priority phones to support public safety communications at the 2017 West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval. #LTE

LA-RICS supported public safety communications at the 2016 WeHo Halloween Carnaval. We're at it again this year! 🕷

More info coming soon!

Scott Edson @LARICSexec Updates #IACP2017 on the LMR and LTE progress of @TheLARICS to improve public safety communications in LA County.

The Problem

Safety agencies for 88 cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County are currently using a patchwork of 40 aging radio networks and the same commercial broadband services used by millions of LA area residents. That means they can’t readily talk to each other, creating communications delays that waste time and imperil lives.

The Solution

Two state-of-the-art networks dedicated for use by emergency responders.

Land Mobile Radio

Public Saftey Broadband Network

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