Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System is a modern network dedicated to keeping you safe

For the 2nd consecutive year, LA-RICS participated in #JamX17 w/ @dhsscitech combating electronic warfare threats


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Should public safety expect LTE networks to be built to same public safety grade standards used in LMR systems? ~Yes https://t.co/3e8RUwjMep

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LA-RICS meeting w/ @verizon Working with VZW to test equipment and discuss upcoming events & the future of communications for public safety.

Is California Prepared for the ‘Big One’? @NBC https://t.co/yOK0Yr8gan
Pub Safety need @TheLARICS interagency comm to help public! #laquake

The Problem

Safety agencies for 88 cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County are currently using a patchwork of 40 aging radio networks and the same commercial broadband services used by millions of LA area residents. That means they can’t readily talk to each other, creating communications delays that waste time and imperil lives.

The Solution

Two state-of-the-art networks dedicated for use by emergency responders.

Land Mobile Radio

Public Saftey Broadband Network

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