Public Safety

How LA-RICS improves public safety
When these networks are completed, emergency first-responders will be able to communicate with each other and local hospital emergency rooms on a daily basis, not just during large-scale emergencies. In addition to a radio system for voice communications, responders will be able to share critical data – a heart-attack victim’s EKG, a diagram of a building that’s on fire, a photo of a crime suspect.

How LA-RICS affects public health
These networks are powered by more than 60 transmission towers that are located at police, sheriff and fire stations across Los Angeles County. These towers emit a lower amount of radio-frequency waves at ground level than most household appliances, such as cell phones, laptop computers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, etc. (see graphic below). The county’s top health officials, and a vast body of credible scientific research, have declared them safe from a public health standpoint.