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Found this in the cubicle of one of our radio systems experts. What a beautiful example of what LA-RICS is trying to do, bringing agencies together to streamline communications to better serve LA County. #lacounty #larics #thelarics #notrealcoins #cantbuygumballswiththese

Old tech alert! This radio repeater being used by a gov agency in CA shows us two things: 1) radio technology is reliable, sturdy, and the best way for multiple agencies to communicate when linked by LA-RICS, and 2) a little dust never stopped a radio wave. #theLARICS

History in the making. Communications at FS72. #lacofd, #larics, #FS72. Thank you to #F&A Federal Credit Union for the notary services

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๐Ÿšง The road to success is always under construction ๐Ÿ—#landmobileradio #jpk #rih #sheltercraneset #towerstack

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The Problem

Safety agencies for 88 cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County are currently using a patchwork of 40 aging radio networks and the same commercial broadband services used by millions of LA area residents. That means they canโ€™t readily talk to each other, creating communications delays that waste time and imperil lives.

The Solution

Two state-of-the-art networks dedicated for use by emergency responders.

Land Mobile Radio

Public Saftey Broadband Network

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