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NEW! Tests of the LA-RICS system show Inglewood PD officers and LA County Sheriff’s deputies can now communicate on a shared talk group. What will they do with this new ability? Chat. Talk about the weather. Or, you know... save lives. #theLARICS #InglewoodPD #SmallTalk

LA-RICS attended the OC Sheriff’s Radio Rodeo where a multi-agency, interoperable radio communications drill was run. All the hypothetical people were saved from the hypothetical crisis on our not-so-hypothetical frequencies. #theLARICS #RadioRodeo #AreYouHypotheticallyRelieved

We tested the transmission quality of a new tower near Lancaster. Our dispatcher was in Long Beach and the radio traffic was crystal clear. Then we saw this. It was a good day. #thelarics #LASD #Lancaster #B2Bomber #lookatthatbigbird #howdoesitstayupthere

Found this in the cubicle of one of our radio systems experts. What a beautiful example of what LA-RICS is trying to do, bringing agencies together to streamline communications to better serve LA County. #lacounty #larics #thelarics #notrealcoins #cantbuygumballswiththese

Old tech alert! This radio repeater being used by a gov agency in CA shows us two things: 1) radio technology is reliable, sturdy, and the best way for multiple agencies to communicate when linked by LA-RICS, and 2) a little dust never stopped a radio wave. #theLARICS

History in the making. Communications at FS72. #lacofd, #larics, #FS72. Thank you to #F&A Federal Credit Union for the notary services

The Problem

Safety agencies for 88 cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County are currently using a patchwork of 40 aging radio networks and the same commercial broadband services used by millions of LA area residents. That means they can’t readily talk to each other, creating communications delays that waste time and imperil lives.

The Solution

Two state-of-the-art networks dedicated for use by emergency responders.

Land Mobile Radio

Public Saftey Broadband Network

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