A unified regional voice and data system providing unparalleled interoperable communications and mobile capabilities for public safety responders.


To transform public safety communications through the integration of voice and data technologies that allow interoperable communication in any form, using any type of device, on any frequency, in all areas throughout the greater Los Angeles region on a single, modern platform with exceptional reliability. To look beyond the traditional views of communication by pursuing innovative solutions that enable improved effectiveness, safety and coordination among police, fire, EMS and secondary responders serving our communities. To pursue our vision with passion, purpose and pride.



Communication in any form

Information is expressed in many ways and must be received and understood in the context it was intended. Our goal is to eliminate barriers by effectively communicating that information and making its form of expression more diverse.

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Video
  • Pictures
  • Telemetry
  • Mapping
  • Location services


Communication using any type of device

Public safety personnel should be able to effectively communicate no matter the type of device used. Our goal is to allow interoperable voice and data communication on a diversity of devices that will provide users with greater “away-from-vehicle” mobility, flexibility to access all forms of information, and improved overall effectiveness.

  • Mobile vehicle radios
  • Mobile data computers
  • Portable handheld radios
  • Mobile handheld devices
  • Personal computers
  • Tablets
  • Personal communication devices


Communication on diverse frequency bands and networks

Interoperable communication should not be limited to voice only, by differing technologies, or restricted to certain bands of frequencies. Our goal is to remove barriers to true interoperable communications through the integration of diverse voice and data networks and frequencies.

  • Dedicated Land Mobile Radio (LMR): VHF low/high, UHF 700/800, analog conventional, digital trunked
  • Dedicated Public Safety Broadband Network (LTE): PSBN Band 14 data and push-to-talk
  • Commercial networks: Voice and data


Communication in any location with reliable standalone coverage

The greater Los Angeles area is one of the most diverse geographic regions in the nation. Effective communication should not be restricted because of that geography. Our goal is to provide unified interoperable communications throughout the 4,100 square mile greater Los Angeles region through a modern, reliable standalone solution that ensures full regional coverage and interoperability for users.

  • Basin
  • Valley
  • Desert
  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Island


Communication that improves situational awareness and facilitates a common operational picture

Interoperable communications must offer more than the mere exchange of information. Our goal is to seek tools and applications which improve situational awareness for individual users while providing a common operational picture to enhance understanding, cooperation, coordination and response among first and secondary responders throughout our communities.

  • Individual understanding
  • Agency cooperation
  • Regional coordination
  • Community responsiveness